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Cause : The Pierce Allan Helms Memorial Silent Auction 2014. All the proceeds from the auction go to helping our only Children’s hospital in Mississippi.

Date : February 7-21, 2014

Our support : Biblical Reproductions donated “The Son of God Scroll” reproduction

Description : Pierce was born October 26, 2009. I never knew anything was wrong with him until shortly after he was born. He was diagnosis with critical aortic stenosis, a narrowing of his aortic valve. At the time Batson Hospital could not treat Pierce, so they flew us to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. I had to leave my other three children behind. We stayed in D.C. for a month and they said that the only way to help Pierce was to get a “New Heart.” So we boarded another plane and flew to Arkansas Children’s Hospital to wait for a heart transplant. We were in Little Rock for a month and a half. Pierce lost his fight before a heart became available on January 15, 2010. Since then I was giving a passion to help Batson Hospital so that others did not have to fly around the world for help much less leave their families and friends. The Brandon Soccer League hosts a Memorial Soccer Tournament each February also. In the last three years we have raised over $20,000.00.

Batson Hospital now has a cardiac team and surgeons. They have even started doing transplants. This auction and the proceeds from it will help to build the new cardiac tower at Batson Hospital. I am attaching several web sites to share with you Pierces journey and what our family experienced during that time. We hope to continue to have the auction every year to make a difference and help other heart families, so that no one has to leave the state.