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Date of purchase: November 18, 2013
Products: The Psalms Scroll, The Ten Commandments Scroll

I have a personal collection focused on the preservation and transmission of the Biblical texts. The Psalms’ scroll and the Ten Commandments’ scroll are with no doubt the best examples on how faithful the text has been handed down to us through time. Thank you Biblical Reproductions for allowing me to have in my hands a well crafted, original looking version of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Fr. Jose Cabrera

Catholic Church

Date of purchase: May 16, 2014
Products: The Crucified Man

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the replica of the 1968 discovery of the crucifixion of the man known as Yehohanan found in a cemetery in Giv’at ha-Mivtar in northeast Jerusalem. While there was no doubt that the crucifixions of some kind took place in ancient Rome, this find dated during the first century, does confirm that the bodies of those crucified were not always disposed of by throwing them into the Valley of Hinnom. It thus settles any questions about the historicity of the Biblical account regarding Christ’s burial.

The item looks very authentic especially on display, and it a valuable teaching tool. I appreciate your hard work, making these authentic looking items available to all at reasonable prices.