Eighteen lines of text make up the first amulet, and twelve lines form the second. Most of the lines in both amulets are broken and incomplete.
The first lines of each document are affirmations that the Lord protects and helps those who keep His commandments and protects the wearer from evil. The last lines of each amulet contain the Priestly Blessing, a quotation from Numbers 6:24-26. The complete texts of the amulets, or what can be reconstructed from them, read as follows (as presented by Wikipedia, http://www.wikipedia.or/wikiKetef_Hinnon):

1…] YHW …
3.he grea[t … who keeps]
4.he covenant and
5.G]raciousness towards those who love [him] and (alt: [hi]m;)
6.hose who keep [his commandments …
8.he Eternal? […].
9.the?] blessing more than any
10.sna]re and more than Evil.
11.or redemption is in him.
12.or YHWH
13.s our restorer [and]
14.ock. May YHWH bles[s]
15.ou and
16.may he] keep you.
17.May] YHWH make
18.his face] shine …

2.h/hu. May be blessed h/sh-
3.[e] by YHW[H,]
4.he warrior/helper and
5.he rebuker of
6.E]vil: May bless you,
8.eep you.
9.ake shine, YH-
10.[W]H, His face
11.upon] you and g-
12.rant you p-
The image is courtesy of IAA.

Author: Walter Zanger